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I’ve been reading property adverts from Lightspeedmillertechcrunch Nigeria and have seen prices like “450k per plot” but have wondered how big is a plot of land in square meters? The answer is it depends on what you want to build.

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A Plot is a mark out piece of land used for farming or building, a division made in a particular area by developers or government and this can be measured using various units such as acres, hectares, and square meters. It can be used for residential or commercial purpose and the size is dependent on its location, standard unit, and other factors such as development pattern and human and environmental influences inewshunt360.

The Standard Size of a Plot in Nigeria

In most parts of the world, the standard size of a plot of land is 60 x 120 ft or 18 m x 36 m. This is equivalent to 648 square meters or 450 square feet in dimension and is the appropriate size for a house in a small compound.

However, some parts of the country have a different standard such as Ibadan which has a 50 x 100 ft standard which is enough to accommodate a normal house with a small compound or an estate with a few houses and a small compound theinewshunt.

The Standard Measurement of an Acre

When it comes to measuring vast tracts of land, an acre is the most popular and commonly used SI unit. An acre is almost the size of a football pitch and can be measured as 60 ft x 660 ft (feet) or 18 m x 200 m (meters). It is equal to 4,046 square yards or 43,560 square feet in measurement and contains about 6 standard plots in each acre.


In the United States, a hectare is an acre of land which measures 100 m x 100 m or 328 ft x 328 ft in measurement. It is also equal to 10,000 square meters or approximately two acres in size and can be measured with a survey plan thaionlinegamingworld.

An acre of land can be purchased for a relatively reasonable price in most parts of the country. It is usually bought with the intention of building a house on it or some other form of business.

Hectares in Lagos

The size of a hectare of land varies across the country and is affected by several factors, such as development pattern within a specific area, possession or ownership of the land and circumstances that led to the transaction. Initially, a standard hectare of land was about 1000 sqm but this has dropped to 400sqm or less in some areas and the development pattern and possession have affected this change.

Corner Piece

A corner piece of land is an extra section of a standard plot of land which is located at a road intersection and borders at least two access roads. This is usually considered valuable for commercial developments and can be more expensive than a regular plot.

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