Accelerated Hypertension Treatment

If you’re struggling with high blood pressure, accelerated hypertension treatment may be necessary. This condition can lead to serious complications, including coma, blindness, and kidney failure. Treatment for this condition will begin with antihypertensive medications. Before recommending treatment, a physician will evaluate the patient’s symptoms and medical history. Your physician will also examine the patient’s vision and assess for chest pain and shortness of breath net worth.

For patients with accelerated hypertension, the first step is to obtain a blood pressure reading. This measurement can help your doctor determine the level of your blood pressure. The physician may also order blood tests to check for kidney function and organ damage. After completing an evaluation, the doctor may prescribe an antihypertensive medication, administered through an IV, to help stabilize the patient’s blood pressure. Oral blood pressure medications are another alternative to a hospital stay. Once the desired BP is reached, a patient can go home and continue taking the medications. Regular follow-ups are necessary to monitor blood pressure levels and manage the condition trendingbird.

If a patient’s BP is elevated but is otherwise asymptomatic, they should see a cardiologist. If the blood pressure is not elevated in the morning or at night, they should be seen by a physician in the cardiology outpatient clinic. Although most people with accelerated hypertension will recover over the course of weeks to months, the short-term prognosis for this condition is not good.

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