Malignant Hypertension Wikipedia

If you want to learn more about malignant hypertension, you should read the malignant hypertension wikipedia. This will help you to understand the symptoms of this disorder. This disease can also be caused by the presence of a type of cholesterol in the blood. The word “cholesterol” refers to several different types of cholesterol. The high levels of cholesterol in the blood are called “bad cholesterol”.

The symptoms of malignant hypertension include rapidly rising blood pressure and signs of damage to organs. The most common organs to be affected are the kidneys and the eyes. A common symptom is bleeding in the blood vessels of the retina, a layer of nerves lining the back of the eye. The retina is a tissue that senses light and sends signals to the brain through the optic nerve. People with malignant hypertension often experience changes in vision.

The prognosis of malignant hypertension is guarded. In many cases, patients with this condition die within five years. Their five-year survival rates range from 75% to 84%. Life expectancy for people with malignant hypertension is less than 24 months. Most deaths are caused by heart failure or stroke, although patients with severe hypertension may also develop encephalopathy, pulmonary edema, or even dissecting aortic aneurysm.

Patients with malignant hypertension should seek medical attention as soon as their blood pressure exceeds 180/120 mm Hg. This high level of blood pressure can damage organs and lead to the failure of the kidneys. The only way to treat this condition is to seek medical attention immediately. It is important to learn about the symptoms and risk factors associated with this condition. The more you know about malignant hypertension, the better equipped you’ll be to make the right decisions for your treatment.

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